Military Sealift Command launches SEALIFT blog and Twitter

By James Marconi

Welcome to Military Sealift Command’s official blog, SEALIFT! This blog is just one of the three ways MSC is joining your online conversations. You can already find us on Facebook, and now follow us on Twitter, @MSCsealift. We’re excited to share our stories with you in these new ways, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts, too.

MSC is an important part of the U.S. Navy, with more than 9,500 military and civilian personnel and around 110 ships operating worldwide, every day. Our Combat Logistics Force ships should be a familiar sight to many Sailors at sea, since those ships deliver fuel, ammunition, food, spare parts and, of course, the mail.

There are so many more unique ships and missions that MSC brings to the Navy, though. Our mission is to support the warfighter – operating forward to deliver the goods and provide other critical capabilities. We’re eager to share our stories and highlight the talented, dedicated men and women who make it all happen.

We are MSC, and we are full-speed ahead for SEALIFT, Facebook and Twitter. Join the conversation!

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