MSC Delivers (again) for #JLOTS12 – Part One

By Jessica Alexander

Joint-Logistics-Over-the-Shore – also known as JLOTS – is one of the U.S. military’s most unique capabilities to provide offshore options in support of our national defense.

Through the joint efforts of U.S. Navy, Army, and contracted Military Sealift Command personnel, JLOTS is an annual exercise sponsored by U.S. Transportation Command designed to demonstrate the real-world capabilities of our military to transport supplies to shore from ships at sea.

A LARC amphibious resupply vehicle splashes into the water from USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon, off the coast of Virginia for Joint-Logistics-Over-the-Shore. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mate Darin Huggins

These supplies can range from military cargo and ammunition (i.e. guns) to humanitarian aid (i.e. groceries), allowing the Department of Defense to deliver support, even where port facilities are nonexistent, damaged or inadequate.

Often times, the only way to transport large quantities of cargo and supplies to our military forces or to people in need is by a ship. This unique and credible capability ensures YOUR military is able to do their job, even without a permanent port.

The real-world value of JLOTS was demonstrated during the 2010 earthquake response in Haiti where cargo and military vehicles were delivered in excess to sustain emergency responders and civilians on shore.

USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon is the flagship of this year’s joint exercise taking place off the coast of Fort Story, Va. from August 12 – 26. The U.S. Army’s 7th Sustainment Brigade is the host command.

This blog post is part of a two-part series highlighting this year’s JLOTS exercise on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek –Fort Story.


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