Inside MSC’s Prepositioning Program: USNS Wheeler – Part One

USNS VADM K.R. Wheeler (T-AG 5001) is a Military Sealift Command Offshore Petroleum Distribution System and is part of MSC’s Prepositioning Program. Capable of delivering fuel from up to eight miles offshore, MSC officially purchased Wheeler in August 2012 in Pusan, South Korea, making the ship a permament member of the MSC Prepositioning fleet. As the ship prepares to leave the ship yard, it also prepares to continue its prepositioning mission to support the Department of Defense. Stay tuned for more coverage later this month once Wheeler is re-introduced to the MSC fleet!

“The purchase of Wheeler ensures our continued access to this uniquely capable ship in support of U.S. Army and Marine Corps warfighting requirements around the world. There is no other ship in the world with Wheeler’s guaranteed capability.” – Juanita Broennimann, MSC Project Officer

Military Sealift Command’s Prepositioning Program is an essential element in the U.S. military’s readiness strategy. Afloat prepositioning strategically places military equipment and supplies aboard ships located in key ocean areas to ensure rapid availability during a major theater war, a humanitarian operation or other contingency. MSC’s prepositioning ships support the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Defense Logistics Agency.

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