MSC Delivers: Prepositioning “Prepo” #Warfighting Support

October is #WARFIGHTING month, and Military Sealift Command works 24/7 to operate the ships that sustain our warfighting forces worldwide. The following post is the third in a series that highlights each of MSC’s five ship programs and their vital missions.

MSC’s Prepositioning Program is an essential element to the U.S. Navy and DOD warfighting strategy. These ships strategically position military equipment and supplies aboard ships located at sea, around the world, to ensure rapid availability during a major war, humanitarian operation or other contingency.

Prepositioning support includes:

  • Maritime Prepositioning Force – these ships strategically position supplies for the U.S. Marine Corps at sea. They are laden with a variety of Marine Corps equipment and supplies, including tanks, ammunition, food, hospital equipment, petroleum products and spare parts – ready for rapid delivery ashore when needed.
  • Army Prepositioned Stocks – these ships strategically place U.S. Army combat equipment at sea to supply and sustain deployed U.S. troops during national crises.
  • Navy, Defense Logistics Agency and Air Force – these ships are the most diverse subset of MSC’s Prepositioning Program and operate around the world to support various warfighting needs, including Africa Partnership Station 2012 aboard HSV Swift.

The vital missions performed by MSC’s Prepositioning ships couldn’t be accomplished without the crews who operate them – civilian mariners employed by companies under contract to MSC. These ships give warfighters the assurance that they will have what they need to be ready – anytime, anywhere.

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