JOBS AT MSC: Highlighting WORK/LIFE Programs

The following blog post was written by MSC’s dedicated human resources staff, and is part of a series focused on jobs at MSC – recruiting and retaining our talented workforce. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

The busy holiday season compounds the need to manage the demands between work and home. To assist our ashore civilian workforce, we offer many WORK / LIFE programs to help alleviate not only the extra demands the holiday season, but also the day-to-day demands YOU might encounter throughout the year:

1. Telework: we set a telework policy in 2011 that allows eligible employees the flexibility to work at an alternate worksite (i.e. home). The policy has afforded our workforce numerous benefits and we are evaluating different ways to expand this program.

2. Alternate Work Schedules (AWS): our AWS program allows eligible employees the ability to set their work schedules, within policy guidelines, to help meet the demands of both work and home. Employees are able to arrange their work schedules around a multitude of events to avoid peak traffic hours, see children off to school, or to take a day typically spent at work to accomplish personal business (e.g., holiday shopping). 

3. Transportation Incentive Program (TIP): on days when an employee needs to travel to the office, he/she can choose to take mass transit and be reimbursed for the cost. TIP provides a non-taxable subsidy to encourage federal employees to commute via mass transit. This program is flexible to account for telework and days that employees need to drive into work. TIP guidelines vary based on work location so keep that in mind, however reducing traffic congestion and air pollution are universal benefits helping us all.   

These are just three examples of the many WORK /LIFE programs we offer to help alleviate the stresses typically associated with the busy holiday season. For additional information on these and other programs, contact your Human Resource Representative or visit the Office of Personnel Management website

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about ashore jobs at MSC, please visit and start the process.

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