JOBS AT MSC: frequently asked questions – part two

Every day we recieve questions on our Facebook page about MSC. The following blog post is the second in a series of responses to YOUR frequently asked questions. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

  • blogHow long does an application stay on file for future openings? Generally speaking, as long as an applicant for an open position did not specifically receive notification denying an application, that person’s application is considered pending. Applicants are encouraged to follow up with the CIVMAR Support Center regarding their application status.
  • How long is a standard shipboard tour/rotation? A shipboard tour is a minimum of four months. At the completion of the four month tour CIVMARs may elect to continue their assignment aboard, transfer to another ship, take a training class, or go on earned leave – depending on the needs of the command.
  • How does my prior military sea service transfer to positions within MSC? Military time/sea service can be used to qualify for advanced merchant mariner’s ratings/endorsements from the U.S. Coast Guard. Use this chart to assess the merchant mariner’s equivalent to your military service. Also remember that the USCG has a recency requirement.
  • What determines my rank or rating as a CIVMAR aboard ship? At MSC there are not rank and ratings per se as in the military. You are hired for a position based on what you’ve done with your career up to now and validated by your Merchant Mariner’s Credential endorsement(s). Within the unlicensed members of the crew, there are “entry-level” and “endorsed” ratings. To be considered for an endorsed rating, an applicant must have a certain amount of previous sea service time and relevant experience. Entry-level positions are ratings such as Ordinary Seaman, Wiper and Steward Utilityman/Food Handler – all of which require no previous sea time. The officers aboard ship in the deck and engine departments hold licenses.

You can always reach out to our team by attending a job fair or calling the CIVMAR Support Center at 1-866-JOBS MSC. You can also email or post a message on our Facebook page.

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