Highlighting engineers ashore – part two

The following blog post was written by MSC’s dedicated human resources staff, and is part of a series focused on jobs at MSC – recruiting and retaining our talented workforce. This post highlights the history and talents of MSC civil servants who work for MSC during Women’s History Month. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

Erin Gantt 1Erin Gantt is a project engineer for the Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) Program where she has worked for two and a half years. She began her mechanical engineering career working for NAVSEA and a naval shipyard supporting attack submarine programs. Later, she supported Navy and Marine Corps acquisitions, and OSD test and evaluation programs, as a government contractor. She has also sailed as a CONMAR engineer on MSC-owned vessels.

Erin is responsible for all aspects of management and oversight of the Prepositioning Program Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) vessels assigned to her. This work includes formulating budgets, lifecycle management, ship readiness, maintenance and repair, logistics support, and validating contractor invoices. 

Her responsibilities require regular input and coordination with many MSC departments including contracting, logistics, finance, and legal. Erin’s job has direct impact on MSC vessels, and is in regular contact with many individuals to ensure a vessels’ readiness.

In her work with GOCO ships, she makes multiple visits to MSC vessels during repair availabilities at commercial shipyards, as well as when they are lay berthed at government-owned facilities.  Her biggest challenge is keeping older equipment in the fleet in top condition.

Erin’s favorite aspect of MSC is the dedicated staff. She mentions that MSCs worldwide staff continuously ensures that the combat equipment and sustainment needs of the Navy and DOD are met. 

Erin’s advice to incoming MSC employees is to understand who your customers are.  MSCs customers are the sailors, soldiers, and airmen who are forward deployed in a potentially hostile area on our nations behalf, MSC maintains our fleet  and keeps them supplied and ready to perform their mission.

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