Furlough guidance for MSC personnel – part three

The following blog post is the third in a series of command-wide, weekly updates intended to inform MSC personnel afloat and ashore about the ongoing budget decisions and specifically how those decisions will impact our command.

Navy-wide civilian hiring freeze: As of March 15, a Navy-wide civilian external hiring freeze continues until further notice, per a memo from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy dated Feb. 27, 2013. At MSC, the only exception to that freeze is for civil service mariners (CIVMARs) – we will continue to hire new civil service mariners, based on an exemption granted by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Furlough guidance for MSC civilians: Based on recent word from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Personnel and Readiness, furloughs are delayed and reduced. The budgetary situation was re-evaluated in light of the enactment of a defense appropriations bill culminating with a decision to reduce the number of civilian furlough days to 14, down from the 22 days originally planned. MSC doesn’t anticipate issuing furlough notices to civilian employees before May 2013, meaning furloughs would not begin before June 2013.

MSC Furlough Questions: If you have questions related to sequestration, please email: MSC_Furlough_Ques@navy.mil 

Furlough Calculator: (repurposed from last week’s update) Many of you have been trying to determine the effects of furlough on your personal finances. Here is one example of a calculator link found online that may help you make an estimated pay determination. Also noted below are step by step instructions that will help you to input your own data into the calculator to determine what your “take home” pay will be in the event of a furlough. This tool is about 99% accurate, but totally dependent on the user’s input. It is recommended that you have a copy of your most recent LES when inputting the values.


1. Enter your gross pay for an 80 hour pay period

2. Enter your “elective” deductions from your LES into the appropriate boxes below #2

3. Adjust the percentage for STATE and FEDERAL taxes until amount is pretty close to what is on your LES (may take a few entries to get close)

4. Adjust the OASDI percentage based on what retirement system you are covered under

5. Adjust the RETIREMENT percentage based on whether you are under FERS or CSRS

6. Enter the number of furlough days per pay period you would like to calculate (1 or 2) Note: At this point the ORANGE blocks will reflect what your “take home” pay will be in the event of a furlough and the delta per pay period based on your original “take home” pay. The original calculation is based on lowering your TSP to 5%.

7. Adjust any of your allotments or TSP in order to see what change what the delta will be from your original “take home” pay.

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