Faces of MSC: transforming Navy energy conservation initiatives

The following blog post was written by MSCs dedicated human resources staff, and is part of a series focused on jobs at MSC – recruiting and retaining our talented workforce. This post highlights one civil servant’s commitment to energy conservation at MSC during the month of April. Say tuned for more and share your ideas in the feedback section!

Read more about the Navy‘s commitment to energy improvements and make suggestions here.

Juan llJuan Prieto is a logistics management specialist in the MSC facilities division (N4) and has been with MSC since 2009. His department is focused on improving the quality of life for MSC employees. One of the ways Juan and his coworkers are achieving this is by transforming energy conservation initiatives into larger building renovation and repair projects.

A prime example of this work can be seen throughout MSC buildings at the Washington Navy Yard where recently completed renovations have incorporated “smart lighting” controls technology into the conference room and hallway lighting. Moreover, all exterior lighting has been replaced to LED technology and the LED lighting has made its way into selected interior spaces as well. These energy conservation initiatives have resulted in utility savings of approximately 20% based on past fiscal billing comparisons. 

When asked about his biggest challenge at work, Juan said maintaining the historic infrastructure. His work is very hands-on and each team member continuously shares experiences and knowledge to resolve current issues and improve the workplace. He believes that MSC’s greatest asset and resource is its people, a notion that is shared with his wife (who’s also a MSC employee). 

His advice to new MSC employees: expect to be welcomed and accepted into the workforce but be ready for a fast-paced, exciting work environment. He mentions that “there is a synergy within the workforce; everyone seems motivated and willing to work…there is a feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day.”

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