JOBS AT MSC: frequently asked questions – part three

Every day we recieve questions from YOU on our Facebook page about jobs at MSC. The following blog is part three of an ongoing series to provide our answers to YOUR frequently asked questions, along with resources to find out more information about the exciting career opportunities MSC offers.


How often do entry level positions open? All positions open and close depending on the manning needs of the Command. Many of our positions are “open continuous” which means they have no scheduled closing date at the time of posting. As new positions are posted you can receive notification by subscribing to our RSS feed. Most of our entry level positions will open once during the fiscal year and moving forward it may be one position that will allow you to apply for any of the three entry level opportunities we have. Note there is a high demand for the entry level positions, so you will need to make sure you really highlight your skills and experience in your application package. The best way to make sure your application is submitted on time is to monitor the now hiring page of our website.

Can I meet with a recruiter in person before turning in my application package? Yes, our recruiters would be more than happy to talk with you and review your application package before you submit it for consideration. To find out when a recruiter will be in an area near your please see the career fair page on our website. You can also call the CIVMAR Support Center at 888-282-1493 to ask questions about your application package before you submitting.

How many women sail with MSC? Approximately 9% of our CIVMAR workforce is women who sail in a variety of different capacities onboard our civilian crewed ships. For example, Andrea Liebl is a second officer who graduated from Texas A&M University. Julia Green is a supply officer who has been sailing with MSC since 1985 and Belinda Gerber is a chief steward who joined MSC as a supply utilityman. For more information about women who enjoy careers at sea with MSC see our website.

You can always reach out to our team by attending a job fair or calling the CIVMAR Support Center at 888-282-1493. You can also email or post a message on our Facebook page.

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