JOBS AT MSC: underway replenishments

The following blog post was written by MSC’s dedicated human resources staff, and is part of a series focused on jobs at MSC – recruiting and retaining our talented workforce. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

Instead of highlighting a person or position at MSC this month, we’re putting the spotlight on the MISSION – and one critical operation that requires a team effort to accomplish – underway replenishments!

MSC performs UNREPs around the world, every day. The UNREP process is a team evolution that transfers gas, guns and groceries needed to support our Navy warfighters aboard combatant ships at sea.


Did you know? Combat Logistics Force ships and their crews delivered approximately 1.6 million square feet of dry cargo and 13.2 million barrels of fuel to Navy ships at sea in 2012.

Every CIVMAR has a specific responsibility during the underway replenishment process – which may or may not be directly related to their primary roles and responsibilities. For instance, the surface rescue swimmer is prepared to step away from their current duty post to assist in the case of an emergency; the supply utility man, may be responsible for assisting in communications between the two ships; the pump man, monitors the fuel tank and gauges; and the store keepers performed the fuel test before the transfers begin.  Everyone has a role. It’s an exciting operation and safety is always a top priority.


To learn more about UNREPs and CIVMAR opportunities, check out the list of available positions; visit a career fair or call our CIVMAR Support Center at 866-JOBS-MSC.

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