JOBS AT MSC: Communications Officer

Our recruiting team created a wall calendar for 2013 that highlights specific positions by recognizing CIVMARs serving in those roles throughout the fleet (calendars available at CIVMAR support centers and job fairs near you). Each month, we are sharing the monthly CIVMAR spotlight from the calendar on our blog – these posts are designed to help YOU learn more about opportunities with MSC!

If you wonder how the fleet stays in touch with their family and friends, not to mention the other ships they interface with on a daily basis, it’s in part thanks to the ship’s communication officer.


This is Mike Curry, he’s in his 13th year sailing with MSC as a ship’s communication officer. His diverse knowledge and experience with information technology and naval radio communications are the key skills he uses when leading the communication’s department personnel.


The other positions in the communications department are the Chief Radio Electronics Technician, First Radio Electronics Technician and Second Radio Electronics Technician. To see if you have the skills and experience to fill one of these positions, please visit our recruiting website.


With your hard work and dedication, you can Take Command of Your Career with MSC. To learn more, visit our recruiting website, attend a career fair to speak with a recruiter or call 1-866-JOBS-MSC.

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