JOBS AT MSC: from intern to employee

The following blog post was written by MSC’s dedicated human resources staff, and is part of a series focused on ashore jobs at MSC – recruiting and retaining our talented workforce. This post highlights the talents of our interns. Stay tuned for more and be sure to share your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

Jim Van Natta is a 27-year Navy veteran who holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and a M.S. in Management and is also a recent graduate of the Naval Acquisition Career Center (NACC) intern program. Upon completion of the intern program, Jim was hired by MSC as a contract specialist.

Jim Van Natta

During his internship, Jim was exposed to every facet of contracting performed at MSC. From simplified acquisitions to major ship overhaul, he learned the ins-and-outs of market research, contract administration and contract close out.

“The mentorship I received along my 2-year internship was second to none. From my career field manager to my first line supervisor to my fellow interns I was afforded every opportunity to learn and prepare for my present position.” – Jim Van Natta

When asked what he liked the most about working at MSC, Jim said, “the people.”

“The camaraderie in the contracting department is awesome. We genuinely care about the mission, the customer, and each other. If I have a question, the wealth of knowledge and contract experience available to me is inexhaustible.”

This camaraderie has afforded him to build a solid base in which he can build his contracting expertise in the areas of simplified acquisition, ship repair, and general contracts.

He selected MSC as a place to work because we support “Big Navy” – warfighters operating at sea, around the world ready to defend America at all times.

“I was fortunate in that the internship better prepared me for my current assignment and put me in a position to still help the warfighter do what they do best by keeping our MSC afloat assets able to go to sea.”

Jim’s advice to interns and others looking to join the MSC family is to persevere and know your abilities.

It took him over nine years to get back into the government but the reward was well worth the journey!

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