Navigating our new public website:

Yesterday we announced that our new public wesbite, has received a facelift. Our new site went live yesterday, so please check it out and share your feedback in the comments section. We hope you find time to share it with your friends, too. If you spent a lot of time on our other site, you’ll notice the new organizational structure; not everything that was part of our primary navigation in the past has a home on the new site.

One important area that we permanently relocated is the internal information housed on the site for our CIVMAR workforce. While we still have a CIVMAR link, the information is now housed at for current employees. Information housed on this site is not private information, but it is geared for our current CIVMAR workforce.


CIVMARs can find updated information and find contact information for each department that supports the CIVMAR mission. Whether a CIVMAR is looking for how to Take Command of your Career – through career advancement or learn about your benefits offerings, or to learn about Training opportunities. You can find it here.   

As a CIVMAR, if you need support, there are direct links to specific services or information on how to contact the CIVMAR Support Center, which should always be your first line of defense.

It’s also important to note, those interested in pursuing employment should continue to visit Those looking for shoreside employment should visit:; however, due to sequestration we are still under a hiring freeze.

Please let us know what you think about our new design and layout for, we would love to hear from you!

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