JOBS AT MSC: Pumpman

Our recruiting team created a wall calendar for 2013 that highlights specific positions by recognizing CIVMARs serving in those roles throughout the fleet (calendars available at CIVMAR support centers and job fairs near you). Each month, we are sharing the monthly CIVMAR spotlight from the calendar on our blog – these posts are designed to help YOU learn more about opportunities with MSC!

One of the roles of MSC is providing underway replishment support to our Navy fleet. Across the world,  our ships transfer millions of gallons of fuel each year. While every position is essential onboard during an UNREP, the position of pumpan is very important.


Manolo Hindaga is a pumpman with MSC and controls the liquid cargo transfer system of a vessel. This job requires skills in pump and valve maintenance including machine alignment and the use of specialized tools. He also assists in fuel line ups, tank line-ups and ballasting evolutions.


Hindaga joined MSC after transitioning from Navy service in 2004 and has sailed as a pumpman for eight years.

We are actively recruiting for the pumpman position – please review the required skills and experience to determine if you meet the requirements. For questions, please call the CIVMAR Support Center at 1-866-562-7672 or email

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