Operation Deep Freeze 2014: Part 1

The following blog post is the first in a series highlighting Military Sealift Command’s role in Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) 2014. ODF’s purpose is to provide logistical support to the U.S. Antarctic Program via Department of Defense assets. MSC has supported ODF since McMurdo Station was established in 1955, providing supplies and fuel to scientists operating from the remote Antarctic base. To view a live stream of McMurdo Station, visit the U.S. Antarctic Program’s webcam.

MT Maersk Peary (T-AOT 5246) at McMurdo Station's ice pier. (U.S. Navy photo by Larry Larsson)

MT Maersk Peary (T-AOT 5246) at McMurdo Station’s ice pier. (U.S. Navy photo by Larry Larsson)

MSC-chartered tanker MT Maersk Peary (T-AOT 5246) arrived at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Jan. 26. The ship’s arrival marked a major milestone in MSC’s role as part of Operation Deep Freeze, the annual Joint Task Force Support for Antarctica mission to resupply the remote scientific outpost.

Peary is the first of two MSC-chartered ships that will make deliveries to McMurdo Station. Cargo ship MV Maersk Illinois is scheduled to arrive at the McMurdo ice-pier in early February. Maersk Illinois will deliver nearly 7 million pounds of supplies such as frozen and dry food stores, building supplies, vehicles, and electronic equipment and parts. The ship carries roughly 80 percent of the supplies that researchers and support personnel in Antarctica need to survive and work over the course of a year.

Peary sailed from the European Command area of operations in December with more than 3.5 million gallons of diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline; 100 percent of the fuel needed to sustain the station for the year. The fuel cargo will be off-loaded by Navy Cargo Handling Battalion One.

“Operation Deep Freeze is a great opportunity for Military Sealift Command to demonstrate our capability to deliver in any situation and any condition,” said Navy Cmdr. Ray Franklin, MSC Pacific’s operations officer. “We are all proud to be a part of this year’s mission.”

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