New Year 2017

The New Year is our time to begin anew and “hit the ground running” in both our professional and personal lives. I am excited and optimistic about the opportunities in front of us this year and our ability to build upon our successes from last year.  Right now is that brief opening where we can set a positive course for the coming year, so let’s make any needed adjustments and move forward.

All our actions should continue to support our mission to empower global warfighting capabilities. When we accomplish this mission we will be able to realize our vision of sailing the world’s oceans to provide essential assured logistics and service support to the joint warfighter as the nation’s premier maritime transportation organization.  This is our shared vision; a vision every single member of the command should claim ownership of, and take great pride in.



As we step off into the New Year, the following are focus areas that should continue to drive our work efforts: operating in a contested maritime domain, cyber-readiness, the health of our surge fleet, the fiscal environment we are heading into, and ensuring our human capital is best positioned to enable our organization to succeed. Finally, safety should always be a priority focus area, the safety of our mariners at sea and the safe operation of our ships.

My recently released strategic guidance message, or Voyage Plan, is our roadmap to keep us moving in the right direction, and includes our vision, mission, pillars of our organization, strategic themes and our guiding principles. In the coming weeks I will release Navigation Track, or NAVTRACK, which provides operational and tactical direction.

I am firmly committed to transparency, collaboration, alignment, and unity of effort. These are the hallmarks of a great team.  It is a unified team effort that will enable us to overcome obstacles in order to accomplish our mission.

It is important to remember that our work directly supports the safety and security of our nation. We can take great pride in knowing we are making a difference every day with our work at Military Sealift Command.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command

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