Former Commanders Conference

Last week we hosted and met with five former Commanders of Military Sealift Command. These former commanders led MSC through periods of change and during times when our country was engaged in major conflicts abroad, where sealift and maritime logistics support was critical in meeting national objectives.

In line with our goal of high-velocity learning at every level, we had the opportunity to listen and learn from these former commanders. What processes and procedures did they use to overcome obstacles?  There may be things we can learn from their past experiences that we can apply to our work today.  Information sharing sessions like this can help us improve our current processes and also stimulate our creative and innovative thinking.



We are building upon the legacy of these former commanders. In the same way each day, we are building upon the good work that every former employee has contributed to MSC over the past six and half decades.

While the origins of the command date back to 1949 and the establishment of the Military Sea Transportation Service, each successive generation contributes to making MSC the great organization that it is today. We, too, are creating a legacy.  Future MSC employees will look back on our work and see how we navigated through challenges and developed solutions to the new environment we are facing.  Our actions today are contributing to future employees’ success so it’s important that we remain focused and smartly engaged.

Thank you for your dedication and service to our nation.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command

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