Union Partnership Visit and Ship Leadership Symposium

From Commander, Military Sealift Command

This week we conducted two important events that directly support our “Bending the Curve” campaign, a comprehensive multi-year plan of action to adapt to the changing operational environment.

On Tuesday, MSC senior leaders met with leadership from the maritime unions. In line with the MSC Voyage Plan focus, this meeting fostered and nurtured a relationship with important strategic partners.  We rely on our unions to assist with crewing our vessels and representing the interests of the workforce.



We had the opportunity to exchange views on issues impacting our mariners. In addition, we conducted a frank and open discussion about today’s challenging maritime environment and why we are adapting in order to ensure that we can provide essential assured logistics and service support to the warfighter in the future.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we held the first Masters and Chief Engineers Leadership Symposium in a long time. The purpose of the symposium was to gather together senior afloat leadership and discuss the current operating environment and the changes we are making so that our mariners are trained and able to operate in a contested environment.

A common thread running through these two events was the importance of coming together with our people and partners. Working together in a collaborative, team-based setting, overcoming obstacles and seeking innovative solutions, is how we will adapt to the changing operational environment.  It is only through a team effort that we continue to remain the premiere maritime logistics force in the world.

I’ll close by extending my profound gratitude to the staff who facilitated both engagements. The prepared briefings, assisted discussions, and administrative support contributed to the success of the events.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command

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