Labor Day

From Commander, Military Sealift Command

Labor Day

On the first Monday in September our nation recognizes the contributions of its dedicated work force. Tracing its origins back to late 19th century trade unions and the labor movement, the day became an official federal holiday in 1894.

The Labor Day holiday is a time to honor and show gratitude to all those who contribute to the prosperity of our great nation: those working in the private sector in small businesses, corporations and non-profits, government employees, military service members, volunteers, and those raising families and contributing to our vibrant communities.


What we do every day at Military Sealift Command is reflective of the determination, sacrifice and accomplishment of the American worker. We can take great pride in knowing that our work at MSC is of great importance and directly contributes to the safety and security of our nation.

We see the results of our efforts each day in how we successfully provide on-time logistics and strategic sealift, and execute specialized missions anywhere in the world.

Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of the summer season, a return to school, and the start of fall activities. Many will take advantage of this long weekend to travel and visit with family and friends, or stay local and participate in various events. Let us continue to think safety in everything we do. When travelling, focus on the basics: have a plan, begin all travel well-rested, anticipate delays, and remain alert. Return safe and refreshed.

Thank you for the work you do each day at MSC and your service to our nation.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command


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