New Year 2019!

From Commander, Military Sealift Command

New Year 2019

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was joyful and provided an opportunity to recharge and spend time with family and friends.

As we return to work let us remember that for some the holidays may have been a period of stress and anxiety.  As parents, friends, and teammates, keep an eye on one another as we head into the new year and don’t ever hesitate to ask how someone is doing or feeling.  That simple inquiry could make a life-saving difference.  If you or someone you know is in crisis, call the Military Crisis Line for confidential support at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Over the next month we’ll be examining, and where needed, updating our Voyage Plan and Navigation Track to ensure MSC is aligned with Navy, U.S. Transportation Command, and the Department of Defense guidance and strategy.  I look forward to updating you on any changes and the objectives we will be pursuing this year.

Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. John Richardson, recently released an update to “A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority.”  While this updated version (Design 2.0) confirms the course and direction for our Navy in the new security environment, Design 2.0 provides updated operational guidance and establishes new goals to accelerate our progress in the four lines of effort.

One supporting task in the “Strengthen Naval Power at and from the Sea” line of effort speaks directly to our work at MSC:

“Posture logistics capability ashore and at sea in ways that allow the fleet to operate globally, at a pace that can be sustained over time.  Assess and develop options for improved ability and resilience to refuel, rearm, resupply, and repair.”

Our energy and work in 2019 should be focused on making this task a reality.  This is our charge and this is how we will make a difference.

I am confident our work together – transparent, collaborative, aligned, and unified – will lead to mission accomplishment.

I wish you and your families much success, fulfillment and opportunity in the coming year.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command


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