MSC Seal

From Commander, Military Sealift Command

MSC Seal

It’s been 70 years since Military Sea Transportation Service became the single managing agency for the Department of Defense’s ocean transportation needs. In that time, not only has the name of our organization changed, but our mission has evolved as well.

After seven decades of conducting global logistics support missions in a generally permissive maritime environment, the growing threat from near-peer competitors means that MSC needs to adapt to the changing operating environment.



We have spent the last several years focusing our efforts on holistic readiness, training wholeness, joint interoperability and experiential learning. And we have made great strides to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in today’s more complex and volatile environment.

Now, it’s time to reflect that new operational mindset in the symbol that visually represents our command’s mission and vision to the world: our official Military Sealift Command Seal.

A team of highly experienced visual information artists from the Army Institute of Heraldry Command as well as members of the MSC staff worked together to take the original MSTS seal and modernize it to reflect the MSC of today.

Our new MSC Seal continues to represent the rich history of our command. Much like in the original seal, the American Bald Eagle as our national symbol remains front and center and continues to bear a shield of the coat of arms of the United States and hold a gold anchor symbolizing our nautical heritage.

The ship stack colors of light blue and gold, the traditional colors for MSC, are showcased on the anchor. The command name and parent service remain inscribed in the designation band encompassing the entire seal and surrounded by a gold rope.

The addition of the globe to the seal pays tribute to the global mission dating back to the establishment of the Military Sea Transportation Service.

Reinforcing that continuous worldwide mission, the light to dark shading of the globe represents 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week support to the warfighter. The shading also emphasizes the integration of MSC, represented by the light blue on the left, with the U.S. Navy, represented by the dark navy blue on the right.

The black sky surrounding the globe represents the evolution of MSC’s mission in all five domains: sea, air, land, space and cyberspace.

The Polaris, commonly known as the North Star, represents the timeless practice of celestial navigation and signifies the command’s guiding principles and values that enable the essential mission of providing services and logistics in support of national policy.

The dark blue scroll curled around the anchor is inscribed with MSC’s vision of United We Sail, representing an organization unified in purpose while geographically dispersed. The new MSC Seal is an emblem that shows the history and power of our organization; it embodies who we are and symbolizes our readiness to sail undaunted into the challenges ahead.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN
Commander, Military Sealift Command

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