USNS Guam Christening

From Commander, Military Sealift Command

USNS Guam Christening

On Saturday, 27 April, the Navy christened our high-speed transport, USNS Guam (HST 1). We are honored to have an MSC ship named after the Territory of Guam and grateful to have as the ship’s sponsor, Ms. Bruni Bradley, a retired naval officer and spouse of Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Korea Harry B. Harris, Jr.

The name Guam is no stranger to our Navy as three ships have proudly represented the Territory of Guam; a patrol boat, a cruiser, and an amphibious assault ship. We are honored to bring the name back officially to our Navy.

While our nation’s combatant and support ships are commonly christened and commissioned in conjunction with their initial construction and delivery to the Navy, Guam’s unique acquisition journey gave us the rare and moving opportunity to christen a ship while it’s forward-deployed and performing assigned missions in the fleet.

After an extensive overhaul and modification for military use, Guam now operates in the Pacific, supporting Third Marine Expeditionary Force missions.

Naval forces are critically important in building partnerships with our friends and allies, rapidly responding to crises, deterring adversaries, and sustaining our forward presence. Ships like Guam enable MSC to provide assured logistics and specialized support to the joint warfighter.

USNS Guam will serve for decades, forward deployed, often working in austere conditions, and building relationships with our friends and partners in the region. Guam will carry the spirit and ethos of the people she’s named for, and she’ll carry the strength of our military throughout the Pacific.

It is important to remember that this ship will be crewed by U.S. Mariners. Our nation’s Mariners will be there, reliably and bravely manning this ship, even if the seas become a battlefield. The christening master, Captain Adam Parsons, and the crew of Guam proudly represent the thousands of civilian mariners working in service of Military Sealift Command.

I want to recognize and thank all those at MSC, and at other Navy and military commands, who played a role in the christening ceremony. We welcome Guam and crew into our family as they sail into the challenges ahead.

United We Sail,

Rear Adm. Dee L. Mewbourne, USN

Commander, Military Sealift Command

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